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Rent Your Program Apartments Faster

- If you accept programs or have questions call us now to get answers! -


The staff at Citywide Housing Services, prides itself on being an important source for Landlords, Tenants, Buyers and Sellers to find real estate solutions online.      


We are a trusted source for landlords seeking information about housing assistance programs, primarily because we have far greater experience in working with these clients. We can clearly explain the benefit and disadvantage to accepting tenants who receive housing assistance. Failure to understand this process can lead to:

  • Late checks
  • Failed inspections
  • Unnecessary vacancy
  • Delayed Inspection dates
  • Poor landlord tenant compatibility


Our database generates rental leads from over 7,800 renters, referred to us by government offices, counselors and housing specialist who need to find housing for their clients. These clients sign up on our online portal, and are notified when an apartment that match their search becomes available.  As well, our online registration is frequently used by renters to locate an apartment at a reasonable rate. This unlimited source of potential renters means, landlords who accept a program and work with us, normally find a great tenant in 10 days or less.


We evaluate a landlords specific needs and locate tenants that are compatible. No request is considered unusual. We do not subscribe to the belief, affordability infers compatibility. In the tenant selection process it is important that compatibility exist first and foremost. To accomplish this, we really listen to the landlord to understand what's important.  Sometimes we may show the listing to 50 applicants before selecting the right family to meet with the landlord, but at times this is necessary to ensure, we do everything to comply with all the landlord's request.


Landlords have an opportunity to interview all tenants before lease signing. Initially, we will show the apartment to all applicants that fit the landlord's wishlist, but we strongly believe the landlord should meet the family that will be living in the property.  After the 1st showing, if the tenant likes the apartment and we determine a high level of compatibility and affordability, we schedule a meeting with the landlord. If all goes well the landlord will instruct us to issue a lease.


Landlords who are thinking about working with a real estate professional expects some benefit from the relationship, especially if they are paying a fee. Here's the best part. If you decide to work with us there are absolutely no fees to the landlord. Here are some of the benefits if you work with us.

  • No fee to landlord
  • No exclusive agreement to sign
  • We screen the tenants and present to you the best applicants
  • We do marketing and advertising
  • We do all the showings
  • We set up your interviews
  • We assist you with completing all paperwork
  • We stay at the apartment on the inspection date
  • We prepare the lease.


If you are ready to start the process of renting your apartment please contact us at 914-299-0420 or online. We are available 24 hours by phone or text.


Comments ( 11 )

  • Canady

    hi i have linc 5 and looking for appartsment in brooklyn in queens or bronx

  • Melissa Alston

    I have a Linc 3 valcher and I’m currently looking for a one bedroom I appreciate it if you can help me

  • Quiana Johnson

    I’m looking for an Apt in the Bronx for myself & my 3yr old daughter. I am looking for an Apt that accepts Section 8 Vouchers. I live in a S.R.O (Single Room Occupancy) with my daughter & we’re in need more space. Please if anyone as any information contact me. I’m looking to move by June so that I won’t loose my voucher
    Thank you.

  • Liza

    Hi, I have the linc2 voucher need help finding apartment currently in shelter

  • Liza

    I’m looking for apartment have the linc2 voucher of 1515. Been in shelter for 2 years. Family composit of 2/2 Please if anyone knows anything or anywhere to go please help looking in all 5 boroughs of nyc

    • Jerricax3

      did u have any luck with the 1515 voucher?

  • Michael

    To whom it may concerns,

    I am looking for a room to rent. I can afford up to 800 a month and I hope utilities included. I need to be out before October 1st. I dont know whom to talk or to write to. I am deaf and 40something. I am on a tight budget. So let me know whom do i can talk to or to write via email. I only text or write emails.

    Thank you

  • New Employment Shelter. I have 150 single man with LINC IV & V. Looking for studio or 1 bedroom apt in The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn ,and Queens.

  • Karen White

    looking for a linc apt one bedroom in a shelter currently

    • Hi Judy, We have been renting from a manegament company privately owned town home. We have been here for 4 months. When we first moved in we put on our move in list that fireplace and dryer were not working. They sent someone out and then charged us to fix them $60 each. From the begining the refrigerator was having issues either freezing or was full of water, but now has stopped working all together. We have had lots of rain in the last 2 weeks and have a huge leak in the roof. We have sent emails and made phone calls and no answer from manegament company and it has been over 2 weeks now. What are our rights and what do we have to pay for and why. There is a clause that we have to pay for repairs. But we are confused how you can charge us for repairs of things that were broken when we moved in. Shouldn’t everything be in working order? And are we going to have to pay for any of these other repairs? And how long do we have to wait for a refrigerator??? Any help would be great!Thank you

      • 311

        call 311 on them and explain the situation

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