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Many renters discover during their search to find an affordable apartment, that each year it becomes more competitive. The limited supply and high demand for rentals in the New York City area, means landlords have a larger pool of renters to choose from. Add to that the negative views held of renters who receive housing assistance, it is easy to understand the frustration of renters who are trying to find an apartment with a rental assistance program.

It is a scary feeling to not know where your family will live and if you will find a place that you feel comfortable coming home to. The shortage of affordable apartments that accept a program are very difficult to locate without assistance. If you are in the market to find an apartment in New York that will accept your program we can help.

Get notified before it’s too late!


  • Landlords often depend on realtors to select the best program tenants
  • If you have some savings you will find an apartment faster
  • Having a pet that is not ADA certified makes it more difficult to find an apt
  • Be flexible in your search. Be open to other areas.


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Families who receive housing assistance can easily find an apartment on our platform. We can only help you to locate an apartment, if your voucher is at fair market value and the amount of people that will live in the apartment is reasonable. Renters with the following programs can sign-up to receive notification when apartments are available: LINC (Living In Communities), LINC2, LINC3, LINC4, LINC5, Hud-Vash, Section 8 and HASA.

Landlords who accept renters with a program are invited to submit their listings to our online platform. If this is your fist time renting to tenants with housing assistance we understand you will have some reservation and questions.  We are here to guide you through the entire process, including doing a walk-through, to determine if the apartment will pass inspection. For most landlords, Section 8 is a lifeline, that will help to rent apartments in 10 days or less. Our screening process will; market rentals to a wider pool of tenants, find tenants that will pay the asking rent, and select the best tenant from the thousands already pre-screened on our waiting list. Work with us, and the apartment will rent quickly. Best of all, no fee is charged to the landlord or management company. Please contact us with your apartments or houses for rent at 914-299-0420.

Housing Agencies with tenants that receive rental assistance can instruct them to sign-up for rental alert. We will contact them once an apartment becomes available. Please fill in all sections of the form. If uncertain enter "No Answer".  Do not leave anything blank.

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  • Sancia Senior

    Hello I’m actively looking for a one bedroom or studio apartment I currently work,I have checkings and savings im also building my credit..I have no problem paying my portion of the rent as long as I have a roof over my head my contact number is 516-717-7514 please call me if anything! I’m desperate!

  • Denise

    I’m looking for a one bed room for my daughter and I. My voucher only covers 1268. I’m looking to move as soon as possible if someone can get back to me that would greatly be appreciated, Thank you

  • Gladys Cancel

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Gladys Cancel, I live at the YWCA Brooklyn, in a shelter for women. I have LINC IV which expires on 3/17/17 and pays $1268 for studio or one bedroom and $800 for a room with zero contribution from me. I need help finding a place before the program expires. Please please help me find a home where I could finally get my life back.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    I could be reached at: 518.376.4102 or 646.764.3440.


    • Wavecrest Gardens are accepting vouchers, located in Far Rockaway, NY
      Galdfarb Management

      • Dequana Vincent

        Hi can can u send me the info please 347-993-9288

  • Lisa Wood

    Hello, my name is Lisa Wood, currently looking for a 2-3 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn new York for occupancy of 4. 2 children and 2 adults. I reside in a shelter in the city right now but we are looking for an apartment in brooklyn, which is where I work (administrative assistant ) full time and which is where my children go to school. My voucher amount is $1515 I am willing to pay up to $1650 as long as utilities are included.

  • Hello my name is Rosa Rodriguez me my husband looking for 1BR apt or Studio we have voucher Linc 4 $1268 0 contribution we live in a shelter desperately want to move plz help us plz contact us 347)662-4873 thanks . Rosa Rodriguez

  • Hello me my husband are looking for 1BR apartment or Studio Apt I have voucher Linc 4 is $1,268 0 contribution we live now in a shelter we want to move it been to long plz help us my contact me 347)662-4873

  • hello my nsme id Mr Hatcher jacoup iam looking , A1 bedroom I have a step voucher I have no kids Just Me by myself. thank you

    • Sand Castle Apartments in Far Rockaway is accepting Vouchers, as well as Arverne View Apartments in Far Rockaway, and also Wavecrest Gardens and Seaview Towers in Far Rock. In Manhattan West Harlem Assistance luck ppl

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