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We service all sectors of the residential rental housing industry and maintain a rental database of 11,846 potential tenants. Our clients earn their income from employment, self employed, or receive housing assistance. Renters who receive housing assistance aka as a "program" receive a subsidy from the government, that pays a portion or all their rent. Some clients have a combination of document wage income, along with government assistance. The core programs are: Section 8, Living in Communities (LINC) and HASA. On a smaller scale are programs to assist: Senior Citizens, Veterans, the disabled and renters on a fixed income, such as disability, public assistance, retirement and social security.


7,827  of these leads are referred to us by government offices, counselors and housing specialist who need to find housing for their clients. This unlimited source of potential renters means, landlords who accept a program and work with us, normally finds a great tenant in 10 days or less.


4,019 potential renters with steady employment and documented wage income have signed up with us to find an apartment. These leads are generated from: online sign-up, referrals and marketing. Clients are also notified when an apartment that match their search becomes available.

Renters with document wage income are carefully screened to determine if they are the best fit for an apartment. This includes, checking credit, income, employment, rental history and references. Landlords and property managers can also conduct their own screening.

To streamline the process we encourage Landlords to check a potential tenant's rent to income ratio's on our website and watch the rental videos. This type of commitment to selecting qualified tenants helps to prevent costly evictions and finding tenants that will respect your property and pay the rent on time. On average, if a landlord request a tenant with documented income and no collections on credit, we can rent the apartment in 14 days or less, if the apartment is priced at market value.


Landlords who submit properties for rent to our platform do not pay any fees. We do all the work and provide great tenants at no cost to the landlord.


To start the process we will need photos and the property description. Please contact us to visit the property to take photos or you can submit the listing FREE online. Once submitted, your listing is simultaneously delivered to rental websites around the web. This type of marketing is the most effective way to market your rental to a nationwide network of tenants looking to rent.


For additional information please contact us online or via phone at 914-299-0420.

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    hi my name is carmen i have city feps voucher 1482.20 lookin for one or two bedroom apartment for my son and me and my spouse please contact me asap 3472826152 thank u

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