Video – Is it better to rent or buy a home

The conversation about homeownership should never be a question of if, but moreso a matter of when. There are clearly some folks who do not have the income and credit to qualify.  If theses conditions improves they should also revisit the decision to rent or buy.

We have to be careful other people do not transfer onto us their failures, successes, choices, views on life, expectations and choices, without 1st considering the conditions in your life that will determine the outcome. if everyone failed at what they set out to do where would the world be - R. Wright

Some questions to be answered are, "what will your housing condition be at 70 years old. At 70, do  you expect to be renting or owning?". If your plans are to rent, there's really no further discussion required. Since at this point, the only other views to be considered are the available housing options, such as, senior citizen housing, living with family, or just being a lifelong renter. If this is your decision this is perfectly ok.

If your plans are to own, then a review of your finances, credit, and final decision when to rent are in order. The video will help you to reflect on the decision and reach a conclusion on whats best for you and your family.  If you reach a decision and need assistance to find a home to rent or buy, please contact us directly at 914-299-0420.


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