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Inspection Process For LINC - Living In Communities - Rooms

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The staff at Citywide Housing Services, prides itself on being an important source for Landlords, Tenants, Buyers and Sellers to find real estate solutions online.      


We are a trusted source for landlords seeking information about housing assistance programs, primarily because we have far greater experience in working with these clients.  If you have an apartment or room for rent to the LINC (Living In Communities)program, we encourage you to contact us immediately for assistance with the inspection process, finding linc renters, free pre-inspection reports and free or low cost repairs.  Failure to understand this process can lead to:

  • Failed inspections
  • Unnecessary vacancy
  • Delayed Inspection dates
  • Expensive repairs


If you are a landlord with a room for rent to LINC - Living In Communities, its important you understand the inspection process.  All rooms designated for the LINC program must pass an inspection that uses Section 8 Quality Housing Standards.  This process is similar to the standards established for Section 8.  Before scheduling an inspection always carry-out a pre-inspection of the room and entire apartment for rent to determine if there are any conditions that need repair before the inspection. Landlords who rent directly to the LINC program can contact us for a free inspection evaluation.  If minor repair issues are detected they are completed at no additional cost to the homeowner.


Once the room is ready for inspection an appointment must be scheduled.  On the date of inspection someone must be available to grant the inspector access.  If the inspection is successful a pass slip is issued.  If it fails, the fail slip will highlight what needs to be repaired before an inspection is rescheduled.  It is quite common that additional repair issues are discovered during the 2nd inspection.  Do not assume the 2nd inspector will follow the recommendations of the 1st inspector.  You should expect that the 2nd inspector will thoroughly inspect the entire apartment again, which includes all common areas and the room for rent.  This means, if the electrical outlets in the kitchen, living-room or dining-room are defective the room will fail inspection.


Once the inspection is completed the following forms are required for the LINC applicant to be processed:


All documents are submitted to the Linc clients housing specialist who will submit the paperwork for approval.  On average, the process is completed in 7-14 days.  The Human Resource Administration (HRA) will issue checks upon final approval.  The housing specialist, then schedules a move-in date with the landlord which must occur within 24 hours of the checks being issued.  The process is completed when the housing specialist meets the landlord to pick-up keys and checks are issued to all parties.  


If you decide to work with us there are absolutely no fees to the landlord. Here are some of the benefits if you work with us.

  • Established relationships with many NYC shelters
  • Large database of renters ready to view your room
  • Free or low cost repairs if needed
  • No fee to landlord
  • No exclusive rental agreement to sign
  • We screen the tenants and present to you the best applicants
  • We do marketing and advertising
  • We do all the showings
  • We set up your interviews
  • We assist you with completing all paperwork
  • We stay at the apartment on the inspection date
  • We prepare the lease.


If you are a landlord with an apartment to rent to LINC, CityFEPS, SEPS, Section 8, Hud-Vash, HASA or TBRA please contact us at 914-299-0420.  We are available 24 hours by phone or text.


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