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Looking for a new apartment just became easier. Our apartment locator tool - Pro Rental Alert, is designed for the renter with steady employment, who does not have time to be shifting through online data to find the perfect apartment. Pro Rental Alert is the first and only tool you need to find your dream home. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with apartments that fit your request.  Do not leave any questions unanswered. If you are not sure what to answer fill in NA. Do not fill out this form if you have a program. If you have a program a need to find an apartment fill out the form "Rental Alert".

Let us help you find the best apartment at a great price!


  • You can find an apartment even with a bad credit score
  • Some landlords do not even look at your credit score
  • Never speak badly about your old landlord. No matter how tempted you are
  • Be overly courteous to the prospective landlord, even if you hate the apartment. Say very nice things on the way in and even nicer things on the way out


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To find an apartment, be prepared to: Search through countless online listings, Make numerous calls to landlords, allowing every landlord to pull your credit report or leaving a copy for review, pay an application fee, try to avoid online scams, call back and schedule appointments or.........just call us.


Comments ( 5 )

  • Mark Coy

    Hello future landlord,
    My name is Mark and I am looking for a large studio or 1 bedroom in UPPER MANHATTAN, from Harlem to Inwood. I am a Veteran and I currently work with a degree in design, and have assistance from HASA. My credit score is 826 and I have zero debt. I am clean, hard working, reliable, dependable, responsible, respectful and HONEST.

  • Carmen50512

    hi my name is carmen i have a cityfeps voucher 1482.20looking for 1 or2 bedroom apartment i have ssi and ssd for me and my son and my spouse please contact me asap 3472826152 thank u

  • Hello my nane is albert and my son here 7 are looking for an nice 1 bedroom apartment i have tbra program our paids 1400 plus 3 month in advance we trying to.find a place to call home to email me or anytime. albert guzman am 55 year my credit is great my program is federal and is guarantee every month sincerly your albert guzman

  • Quiana James

    Hello prospective landlords my name is Quiana and me and my husband are looking for a nice apartment that accepts linc our voucher is 1268 we’re both students and hard working. We are just trying to make it please email or call 5183651128

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