how to find tenants with rental assistance such as linc, cityfeps, and section 8 fast

Tips For Landlords Seeking Linc, Section 8 & Cityfeps Tenants

Finding a tenant can be a stressful experience.  You need the money but do not want to rush into a decision you might regret.  Most small residential landlords that own 1-4 units would rather lock up the apartment and not deal with tenants.  But this is not realistic.  You need the money and have to find a tenant as soon as possible.  It is scary to think about tenants living in your home for many months and not paying rent due to a job loss or something beyond their control.  A reasonable alternative is to accept a government subsidized program that will at least pay a significant portion of the rent.  But sometimes landlords are concerned that tenants with rental assistance will destroy the property.  As well, you might not be sure if your rental will pass the inspection needed for the program.  RENTAL SEARCH.

Citywide Housing Services is the solution that you are seeking. The company works specifically with renters that have a government subsidized program such as Living in Communities (linc), CityFEPS, HASA, HudVash, CityFeps and Section 8.  Their extensive experience working with this population is a huge benefit to landlords.


  • Landlords do not pay for services.
  • Free pre-inspection to determine if the apartment will pass inspection.
  • Free assistance with minor repairs before inspection.
  • Connections with programs that do not require inspection
  • Free customized lease for the tenant selected.
  • Processing of program paperwork.
  • Connection to thousands of renters in your area with rental assistance online at RENTAL SEARCH.

Citywide Housing Services is able to help landlords reach out to a large number of qualified renters with government assistance with ZERO cost to the landlord.  Rather than struggle to post ads and go through the process of screening tenants, you can now easily go online and select the qualified tenants you want.  To find your tenant fast connect with CWHS online at RENTAL SEARCH or call them directly at 914-299-0420.


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