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Is Your Landlord in Foreclosure and collecting rent? Before Foreclosure Alert, the only way to get real answers would be to visit the county clerk's office and check the records to see if the landlord's bank has filed foreclosure proceedings. But if you have to work how will you do this? In some cities, to view these records you will have to get searched and frisked before you can access the clerk records. Why would you want to go through this process of being treated like a criminal? Many landlord's will not reveal they are behind with their mortgage payments because they still want to collect your rent even though they may not have any intentions to pay the mortgage. Just imagine you could walk home one day only to find your house locked up and seized by the bank. To avoid this let us check the foreclosure status of the property.

How do you know the house you are about to rent is not in foreclosure? Renting an apartment in most cases requires you to pay at least the 1st months rent, the security deposit of a months rent and a months rent in Broker fees if a realtor assisted you to find an apartment. Just imagine after spending thousands of dollars, a few weeks later you discover the home you rented is about to be foreclosed by the bank. Most landlords will not willingly refund your monies. Often, there is no easy way to get a refund without paying additional legal fees. You can reduce your exposure to renting a foreclosure property by simply doing a foreclosure check before you sign the lease. Our Foreclosure Alert check will help you to get answers fast.

What is Foreclosure Alert? With Citywide Housing Foreclosure Check you can quickly find out if your landlord is in foreclosure. We check your landlord's name and property against databases that provide foreclosure information and provide you with the results via phone and email. For the small fee of $9.99, we quickly provide you with the information you need to make a smart decision. To avoid a surprise foreclosure eviction or the loss of thousands of dollars check the property foreclosure status now.

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