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The staff at Citywide Housing Services, prides itself on being an important source for Landlords and Tenants to find real estate solutions online.      

Landlords can seamlessly integrate their rentals onto our platform to connect with an unlimited stream of potential tenants. Our no fee platform or no exclusivity requirements for landlords, means they can market their properties and rent them in a reasonable fast time. The average apartment or house rents in 14 days or less. Landlords can also have leases and relevant disclosures prepared at no additional cost for the properties we rent. From start to finish landlords can depend on us to enhance their rental experience and to fill their vacancies with qualified tenants in the fastest time possible.......AT NO COST.

Rental Alert will assist cash renters to reduce their time searching for an apartment when they sign up to this program. A free service that places your rental needs on our A-List. That means when a property becomes available you are notified immediately via email and/or phone.  A viewing is then scheduled for the apartment. Additionally, realtors and landlords will also have access to contact renters about apartments they have for rent. If you want to gain an edge on renting a great apartment sign-up now for Rental Alert.


Pro Rental Alert is for renters who have acceptable W2 income without any housing assistance, but have a more difficult time finding suitable housing due to past credit or rental issues. In response, our staff devotes considerable resources to connect with landlords who will accept a tenant with these issues. Tenants that accept these rentals are expected to pay 15% of the yearly rent to the listing realtor. To find an apartment with W2 income and other rental issues sign up for Pro Rental Alert.  We work very hard to connect our members with landlords that accept a program. Stop wasting time with agencies that have expired listings and sign up now.

Foreclosure Alert is a tool to help renters detect if the house they are about to rent or presently renting is in foreclosure. New tenants renting a home that is in foreclosure can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars and to the dismay  of some tenants, even legal proceedings. The foreclosure crisis continues to leave many victims in its wake, as tenants are fast becoming the next wave of unintended victims. If you are about to rent an apartment finding out if the residence is in foreclosure is must know information before you sign the lease. As well, not knowing if your landlord is paying the mortgage from month-to-month can affect your family in very negative ways. In some cases tenants came home only to find their home locked up and seized by the bank. If you suspect your landlord is in foreclosure and need answers register now for Foreclosure Alert.

Renter Certification Classes are workshops, designed to assist renters who have a problematic rental history understand the best steps to finding an apartment. Information sessions are 1 hour, cost $45 and will help clients to formalize a plan to secure an apartment in the fastest time possible. Past clients include renters with: bad credit, prior evictions, a rental assistance program, multiple shelter stays, criminal history, drug history and other negatives. To improve your chances of finding an apartment sign up now for Renter Certification Classes.

Free or Low Cost Repairs was implemented by us to assist homeowners who want to rent their property but cannot due to lack of finances to complete repairs. If you entrust your home for us to rent, we commit to repairing the property at the lowest cost possible and free in some cases.   After the repairs are completed we will proceed with connecting potential renters with your apartment.   Landlords who select to participate in our repair program must accept renters with a program such as LINC, CityFEPS, Hud-Vash, SEPS, HASA, TBRA, Section 8 or any other program accepted in your area.  

To receive more information about any of the services we offer please contact us immediately at 914-299-0420.

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  • Debra Isaacs

    I am a licensed real estate salesperson with several clients that have Linc IV, Linc V and Section 8 vouchers and are in need of apartments. I would like to work with you to help my clients.

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