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Not sure if you should rent or buy? Knowing the answer is the most important first step. We help you do the calculation.

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Calculate your FHA Mortgage payment. This is the best option if you have at least 3.5% down and want great interest rates.

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Calculate your VA mortgage payment. Eligible Veterans and active military members qualify to buy a house with no money down.

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Calculate your Conventional mortgage payment. Put at least 10% down and get better payment terms than a FHA loan.

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Submit your properties for Rent or Sale FREE!

  • 14 days or less for residential listings to be rented
  • 90 days or less for your house to be sold
  • No fees to landlords when your listings are rented. Listing also added to many online sites
  • We have buyers and investors ready to purchase your property if the price is at market value

List with us  for super fast results

Owners and Landlords – we can work with your realtor to sell or rent your property

Is your landlord in foreclosure?

You could be making a big mistake. Before you spend thousands of dollars to rent a property, 1st check if it’s in foreclosure. This could be a scam or worst, someone dishonest now has access to your personal data. Check the home now before you make that payment.

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Submit your For Sale and Rental listings immediately. This method is easy and fast to rent your property in 14 days or find a buyer in 90 days or less. Listings submitted by Real Estate Professionals are co-brokered.










Pro Rental Alert

This tool is designed to assist renters who are wage earners and DO NOT have housing assistance find an apt or house. Renters are contacted when properties that match their search become available.

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Foreclosure Alert

Avoid fraud. Renters throughout the USA are getting a nasty surprise that the house they are about to rent or the house they are renting is in foreclosure. Let us check if your landlord is in foreclosure.

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Rent Your Home

Landlords, list your apartment or house for rent with us and be connected with the thousands of tenants in our database and online. You will have a tenant in 14 days or less and best of all our services are FREE to landlords.

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Rental Alert

This tool is designed to assist renters who have a housing assistance program receive alerts when apartments that accept a program in NYC become available. Housing programs include: Section 8 – HASA – Hud Vash – LINC.

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Renter Certification Classes

Renter Certification Classes are designed to assist renters with heightened barriers to housing such as: a rental assistance program, eviction history, bad credit, etc, to secure an apartment in the fastest time possible.

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Sell Your Home

We do more than put up a For Sale sign or post an ad online. We give you honest feedback on what is needed to make your property sell in the next 30 days, 90 days or 6 months, then we work tirelessly until it is sold.

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I would like to thank the staff at CityWide Housing Services for working tirelessly to help me fulfill my dream of homeownership. You kept my dream alive, at times when I thought it would never happen. Thanks to you, I am a proud homeowner. I thank you a million times! - N. Shields


I bought the home which I previously rented because the financial benefit was a no-brainer.

I was paying a monthly rent of $1600 for my 3 bedroom. The property had 2 other rental units, a 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom. After closing, I rented the 3 bedroom unit for $1700 and the 2 bedroom unit for $1100. After collecting rent, my mortgage contribution was only $300 and I lived rent free.

Prior to owning my home I was in a higher tax bracket. The combined savings from my reduced tax contribution because I owned a home and my reduced rental contribution, meant I am now saving on average, $11,000 yearly. As well, it’s an exhilirating feeling coming home to something I own, rather than to pay a landlord. It’s a feeling of pride and accomplishment, which I could not experience as a tenant.

Don’t ever give up on your dream of homeownership and don’t listen to others. Get the answers for yourself and make your own decisions on what’s best for your family.

Save your money and at the earliest opportunity resolve any negative issues on your credit. At the last minute my financing almost fell through because I forgot to pay a credit card bill. Don’t take your credit for granted. You will regret it later.